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​I'm Michael, I teach and write music and occasionally try to fit other things into my life. Since I was a child I have loved music. While my interests and activities went far beyond music, music is the one thing I've held close my entire life. It has given me some great memories, here are a few:

• Releasing "This Place" (2020), a trumpet hip-hop EP and my first solo release.

• Writing music for the popular Youtube Channel Knowing Better.

• Listening to Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony for the first time and just bawling my eyes out and thinking "I want to write music because I want to give other people moments like what I just had."

• Being nominated for and winning the Cincinnati Warm 98.5 Teacher Of The Week Award​ based off the letter a parent of one of my 6th graders submitted. The letters first sentence was "Mr. Cotten has changed my daughters life, not by teaching her to succeed, but by teaching her how to fail." 

• Creating Now I Am Become Death, during which I changed how I feel about my own writing, creativity, and what to do with my life.

• Creating the background instrumental parts for a performance by Ouiwey Collins, son of Bootsy Collins, of Puppy Love

• Going to my first orchestra concert my Junior year in high school to see the Vienna Philharmonic conducted by Gustavo Dudamel... It was         just as mind blowing as you think it would be

• Playing at the Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic with the Fillmore Wind Band.

• Writing a state marching band championship show while still in college.

• The first time I had a composition recorded on someones CD; Dr. Jason Dovels  Ascent: New Music For Trumpet

• Playing Maslanka's 4th Symphony and Mahler's 2nd Symphony... Just... Wow...

• The fun memories of teaching my first band class of seniors and my first band class of beginner 6th graders.

• Taking the picture to my left because I saw a portrait of stylist Vidal Sassoon at the Cincinnati Art Museum doing a similar pose... I still can't find the portrait to this day to prove I'm not lying.

• Playing in the All-State Orchestra my senior year in high school on trumpet having never played in an orchestra before. I spent the first 20 minutes of rehearsal, Academic Overture by Brahms, in full panic mode because I had no clue  where the down beat was... I also had to write in the notes to transpose Sibelius' Finlandia from F to Bb and realized I transposed it wrong... roughly 10 seconds after the first downbeat...

• Being a guest soloist as part of a Dixieland Quintet at the Kentucky Music Education Association Convention my Freshman Year of College.

• Winning the KMEA College Compositions Contest

• Receiving the Cincinnati Warm 98.5 Teacher award.

© 2020 by Michael Cotten

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