out west & up north

All of these pictures were taken on two trips. The first trip was out west were we drove 25,000 over the course of 2 months going to 16 national parks. (Yes, my publishing company is named after this trip.) We camped every single night and I can easily say this is the greatest thing I have done in my life thus far. It's funny because if it wasn't for these pictures, it would almost feel like a dream thinking back on it.


The second trip was one up north where I got a chance to work with Anthony Barfield at Julliard. The way I stayed in New York was to stay at a state park an hour and fifteen Minutes away ($100 a week so you can't beat that!) While up there, I took trips to state parks, Acadia National Park, and a few other places. I love getting to talk about my travels so feel free to ask me anything about any pictures. 

Please click on any photo you like to expand to full size.

Many panorama and Landscape photos are cropped when viewing the full gallery.

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